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Generalized Geometric Programming Problems

Test problems that arise from generalized geometric programming(GGP) applications are included, where the objective function and constraints are the difference of two posynomials.

Literature Problems

Test Problem Description Gams File
1 Alkylation process design ex7.2.1.gms
2 CSTR Sequence Design ex7.2.2.gms
3 Heat exchanger design ex7.2.3.gms
4 Optimal Reactor Design ex7.2.4.gms
5 Colville's Test Problem ex7.2.5.gms
6 Problem 10 of Rijckaert-Martens(78b) ex7.2.6.gms
7 Problem 11 of Rijckaert-Martens(78b) ex7.2.7.gms
8 Problem 12 of Rijckaert-Martens(78b) ex7.2.8.gms
9 Problem 14 of Rijckaert-Martens(78b) ex7.2.9.gms
10 Problem 17 of Rijckaert-Martens(78b) ex7.2.10.gms

Robust Stability Analysis

Test Problem Description Gams File
11 Gaston-Safonov(88) ex7.3.1.gms
12 Sideris-Sanchez(88) ex7.3.2.gms
13 Ackermann-Etal(91)(Affine coefficient functions) ex7.3.3.gms
14 Vicino-Etal(90) ex7.3.4.gms
15 Ackermann-Etal(91)(Wire guided Daimler Benz 0305 bus) ex7.3.5.gms
16 Spark ignition engine Fiat Dedra ex7.3.6.gms

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