Teaching Activities

Undergraduate Courses

CBE 442: Design, Synthesis and Optimization of Chemical Processes

Required course for chemical engineering students in the fall semester of the senior year

Introduction to chemical process flowsheeting. Process simulation, design, sizing and cost estimation. Process economics. Introduction to optimization, linear programming, integer programming, and nonlinear optimization. A major design project takes place in parallel. View full course details.

CBE 445: Process Control

Elective course for chemical engineering students in the spring semester of the senior year

Introduction to theory and practice of chemical process control. Analysis and synthesis of linear feedback control systems. Dynamic behavior of feedback controlled processes. Stability analysis, design of feedback controllers with emphasis on frequency techniques. Analysis and synthesis of MIMO control systems. Internal model control methodology.

Graduate Courses

CBE 527: Nonlinear and Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization: Fundamentals and Applications

Elective course for graduate students offered in alternate years

Convex Analysis. Unconstrained and constrained nonlinear optimization. Duality Theory. Fundamentals of mixed-integer nonlinear optimization. Process Synthesis. Applications in heat exchanger networks, separation systems, reactor based systems and total process flowsheets.

CBE 530: Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering provides an introduction to steady state and dynamic simulation, process synthesis and process operations. Topics include mathematical modeling techniques; advanced linear algebra; nonlinear systems of equations; dynamic simulation; optimization theory; and case studies.