George Khoury

Fifth-year graduate student

George A. Khoury is a 5th year Ph.D. Student and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University where he develops, validates, and applies computational tools and methods for accurately modeling new classes of molecules. He has designed new inhibitors of HIV fusion and improper Complement activation using his developed tools. He has published over 13 articles, holds 4 patents, and delivered over 25 technical presentations. George graduated from the Pennsylvania State University Schreyer Honors College with a Bachelor of Science with High Distinction and Honors from the Department of Chemical Engineering as Student Marshal and subsequently earned a Master of Science in 1 year through the IUG program. He was elected by representatives from all academic departments to serve as a member of Princeton University's Priorities Committee which recommends the University's operating budget, by representatives of the 6 engineering departments as the President of the Graduate Engineering Council 2x, and by representatives of 19 campuses at PennState to serve as President and Vice-President of the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments. In this capacity he has served as a Student Representative to the Penn State Board of Trustees, an Executive Board Member of the Penn State Alumni Association, as a University Faculty Senator, and a representative to the Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education. He is responsible for the Web Schedule of Courses updating in real-time at PennState due to the implementation of a refresh button. George has received over 40 awards for leadership, innovation, academics, presentations, and teaching including an NSF Fellowship (1/73 ChE's in US), the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship (1/20 ChE's in US), a Gold Medal at the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition at MIT, the Genentech Process Research and Development Outstanding Student Award, the Kristine M. Layn Award for Outstanding Research Achievement, 2nd Place at Princeton's Innovation Forum, 1st and 2nd Prize at the Princeton Research Symposium, the Engineering Council Excellence in Teaching Award, and the Wallace Memorial Fellowship in Engineering, the highest honor conferrable by Princeton Engineering. For more information on George's background and research interests, please view his LinkedIn.

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