M. M. Faruque Hasan

Postdoctoral Associate faruque@titan.princeton.edu

Faruque joined CASL in September 2011 and is currently investigating on the carbon capture potentials of a hybrid energy process developed by his CASL colleagues. Before joining CASL, he worked as a research fellow at NUS, where he was involved in the design, optimization and economic analysis of the world's largest adsorption-based pilot plant for CO2 capture. Faruque holds a BSc in chemical engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (2005) and a PhD, also in chemical engineering from NUS (May, 2010). In his doctoral work, under the supervision of Professor I A Karimi, Faruque studied the integration of energy, economics and environment (IEEE) in the context of cryogenic gas processing, and was awarded the prestigious World Future Foundation PhD Prize in Environmental and Sustainability Research. For more information on Faruque's background and research interests, please view his website.

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