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Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems

Mixed-integer problems are those that involve both continuous and integer variables. The introduction of integer variables allows the modeling of complex decisions through graph theoretic representations denoted as superstructures. MINLPs find applications in engineering design such as heat exchanger network synthesis, reactor-separator-recycle network synthesis or pump network synthesis.

Section 1: Literature Problems

Test Problem Description Gams File
1 Kocis-Grossmann (1988) ex12.2.1.gms
2 Floudas (1995) ex12.2.2.gms
3 Yuan-et.al., (1988) ex12.2.3.gms
4 Berman-Ashrafi (1993) ex12.2.4.gms
5 Integer nonconvex problem, Porn, et.al., (1998) ex12.2.5.gms
6 Porn, et.al., (1998)-II ex12.2.6.gms

Section 2: Engineering Problems

Test Problem Description Gams File
1 Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis ex12.3.3.gms
2 Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis ex12.4.3.gms
3 Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis ex12.4.4.gms
4 Pump Network Synthesis ex12.5.2.gms
5 Trim Loss Minimization ex12.6.3.gms
6 Trim Loss Minimization ex12.6.4.gms
7 Trim Loss Minimization ex12.6.5.gms
8 Trim Loss Minimization ex12.6.6.gms

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