You are invited to explore the Computer-Aided Systems Laboratory (CASL) in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University. This homepage consists of a description of the lab’s personnel; collaborations and academic guests; teaching and research activities; publications; software and online tools; and computing facilities.

This site is aimed at addressing prospective collaborators, post-doctoral associates, doctoral students, undergraduate students and colleagues in industry and universities. We hope that via this material you will become aware of the goals of the Computer-Aided Systems Laboratory and our dedication to excellence.

Brief Description of the Lab

The Computer-Aided Systems Laboratory is located in A-329, A-425, and A-426 of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University. The teaching activities include lectures in the undergraduate courses of Design, Synthesis and Optimization of Chemical Processes and Process Control and lectures in the graduate courses of Nonlinear and Mixed-Integer Optimization: Fundamentals and Applications, Global Optimization, and Systems Engineering.

The research activities focus on five main areas:

  1. Product and Process Design, Synthesis and Discovery
  2. Product and Process Operations: Scheduling and Planning
  3. Discrete-Continuous Nonlinear Optimization
  4. Deterministic Global Optimization
  5. Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics

Click here for a description of the computing facilities.

Principal Investigator

Curriculum Vitæ

Christodoulos A. Floudas
Stephen C. Macaleer ‘63 Professor in Engineering and Applied Science,
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Princeton University
A325 Engineering Quad
Princeton, NJ 08544
P 609-258-4595  F 609-258-0211


  • Professor Floudas has been elected as Corresponding Member of the Academy of Athens. The Academy of Athens was founded by the Greek State in 1926 and has as main goals "the cultivation and advancement of the Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts, the conduct of scientific research and study, and the offer of learned advices to the state in these areas." The press release announcing the election can be found here (in Greek).
  • Ruth Misener *12 was selected to receive the W. David Smith, Jr. Graduate Student Paper Award from the Computing & Systems Technology Division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers for her work with Professor Christodoulos Floudas, the Stephen C. Macaleer '63 Professor of Engineering and Applied Science. The award is given "to an individual for outstanding published work in chemical engineering computing and systems technology. The publication shall consist of a single paper based on work done by the individual while pursuing graduate or undergraduate studies." The award consists of a plaque and $1,500. Ruth Misener is now a Lecturer in the Department of Computing at Imperial College, London.
  • The paper "GloMIQO: Global Mixed-Integer Quadratic Optimizer", Journal of Global Optimization, 57, 3-50 (2013) by Ruth Misener *12 and Professor Christodoulos Floudas, the Stephen C. Macaleer '63 Professor of Engineering and Applied Science was selected the winner of the 2013 Journal of Global Optimization Best Paper Award. Selection is made by a committee consisting of the Editor-in-Chief and several invited members of the editorial board. The award consists of $1,000 and a certificate.
  • Christodoulos Floudas, Stephen C. Macaleer ’63 Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, has been selected as a 2014 Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher. “Highly Cited Researchers 2014 represents some of the world’s leading scientific minds. Over three thousand researchers earned this distinction by writing the greatest numbers of reports – officially designated by Essential Science Indicators (ESI) as Highly Cited Papers – ranking among the top 1% most cited in the Web of Science for their subject field and year of publication, earning them the mark of exceptional impact.” The data used in the analysis and selection of the new highly cited researchers came from ESI indicators between 2002-2012 (11 years), which included 113,092 Highly Cited Papers. A description of the methods is provided here. A total of 29 researchers from Princeton University (out of 3215) and 20 Faculty Members from the top 40 US Chemical Engineering Departments were selected. The complete report on the ISI Highly Cited Researchers can be found here.
  • George Khoury was selected to receive the Wallace Memorial Fellowship in Engineering by the Princeton University Graduate School. The honorific fellowship provides funding to students displaying the highest scholarly excellence in graduate work during the year. See the story on the Princeton Chemical and Biological Engineering Website.
  • George Khoury, James Smadbeck, and Prof. Christodoulos A. Floudas were awarded second prize at the 9th annual Innovation Forum for their platform for computational peptide-based drug design with an expanded modified amino acid chemical space. See the story on the Princeton Engineering webpage, the Princeton Chemical and Biological Engineering Website, the Princeton University Website, and a video of the submission.
  • Eric First was selected as a Featured Fellow by the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship, as reported on NDSEG's Facebook and Twitter pages, for his work on carbon capture technology.
  • It has been announced that Prof. Christodoulos A. Floudas will recieve an honorary doctorate degree from Abo Akademi University in Turku, Finland on May 23. See the Princeton School of Engineering website, the Chemical and Biological Engineering department website, the Abo Akademi press release (in Swedish) for more information.
  • Research inventions from the Floudas group were featured at Celebrate Princeton Invention, an annual showcase of research innovations, and highlighted on Princeton University's website.
  • George Khoury was awarded 1st Prize in the Poster Competition and 2nd prize in the Oral Research Talks at the 2013 Princeton Research Symposium (PRS). For more information see the news article on the Princeton University Homepage or on the Princeton Chemical and Biological Engineering website.
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